Friday, October 17, 2014


I found a spinner rack for $30 at the flea market. I've been wanting one for a good long while but they were always way out of my price range. I see them on eBay for$200-$300 and up in to the $1000s for some reason. All they are is wire and a couple poles. I have no idea why they cost so much.

It's not noticeable at this angle but my spinner rack is Baby Huey heavy.


  1. I'm guessing the price is due to scarcity. They're probably not making spinner racks these days.

  2. As many people as there are who like them it would be wise for a company to start producing affordable versions.

  3. I to have looked for one over the years but have never come across one. I would gobble one up if the price was right. $50 seems about right to me.
    Baby Huey!!!! When I first read that, I thought you meant that the rack was as heavy as a huge cartoon Baby Huey!

  4. Willy,
    Thanks for the comment! If you had some wire and you bent it with pliers, you might could make one. I don't think it would be as difficult as it would be monotonous. If you didn't have a way to weld it you could twist a loop at the end of the wire for a screw to go through. maybe. I don't know.


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