Friday, July 22, 2016


 I haven't been on here too much lately. Some new things:

I  adopted Max. He's part boxer and I don't know what else. So far he can shake hands and sit on command.His specialty is the ability to tear his pillow to pieces when no one is looking. Mei's specialty is the ability to sew it back together, over and over.

I bought Rosie for $100. Normally dachshunds cost a lot more but she didn't have any papers. I didn't care about that since I wasn't planning on breeding her. I just wanted a buddy. She can almost say "I love you" on command. It comes out as AH WUH WOO. Sometimes are better than others. If I can get a good one on video I will post it.

I got a Les Paul Studio Pro 120th anniversary edition. It cost me 2 other guitars plus some cash. The other 2 guitars had been packed away and untouched for about 20 years, and amazingly, they were still in tune. One was a Telecaster 50th anniversary edition. Weirdly it was not worth any more than what I originally paid for it. I'd been taking extra care to keep it pristine, and making space for it all this time, and it amounted to nothing. I didn't like playing it because the neck felt too thick to me.

Figured maple carved top.

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