Tuesday, August 2, 2011

DANG! (Number 8)

I didn't have a single bad meal in Thailand. In fact every place we went was my new favorite.
I remember each time I ate somewhere I'd think, "I gotta remember to come back to this place!"

We never got the chance to eat anywhere twice, but it didn't matter. Everything was equally delicious.
So delicious I would say "DANG!"
While we ate at this place called Dang(?) a frog jumped through the entire restaurant, coming in one end of the dining area, hopping between the customers' feet and out the other side of the restaurant. Everyone saw it, and no one cared.

It started raining really hard so they let us stay there after hours until it stopped. It was an hour after they'd closed before we could go outside. While we were there they gave us some soup on the house.


  1. Dang ! is that the Morton Salt Girl on the left side frame edge of your picture ?!?!

  2. Yes, that's her in her adult years. It's nice to know she's still at it.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Dang I love a good rogue frog story!

    {Sorry for the edit..spelling error!}

  5. Next time Keith you'll also have to eat at the other good restaurant down the street called "Nab It"

  6. Haw haw! They had to get rid of that restaurant though, because customers thought it was an invitation to steal food.


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