Sunday, October 23, 2011


Here's a comic I did a while back and don't believe I've ever posted on this here blarg.
Everything was drawn separately and then pieced together in my photo-manipulatin' program. I think I even drew their arms separate from their bodies so I could rotate them to point in the right directions once I knew where they'd be standing. I like doing it that way now, rather than composing the entire scene in one shot. I can scoot and shrink and fiddle with all the junk in there before flattening it into one image. It's funner!


  1. I have definitely seen this strip before; but it is still funny so I am considering it a KW CLASSIC. I have only seen my Dad drunk once, my entire life; it too was classic ! Sadly, he used to see me drunk all the time back before I quit drinking... Classic ? Not so much.

  2. I do think you posted it before, but it's great to see it again. As always, you do a great job! Keith, did you design your own lettering font? I have wanted to design my own, but the stuff with kernelling and such is a bit too much for me to wnt to mess with.

  3. Lysdexicuss and Matt,
    Thanks for the visit, guys! I did a blog search and couldn't find it but maybe I typed it wrong. Oh well.

    I didn't make that font. I've seen the font making software but I'm like you, I don't know if I'd be up for the task. I've heard what some people do is open a preexisting font in the software and just alter it. Sort of cheating, but whatever gets you there in the end...

  4. Seen it, loved it, still love it!

  5. Thanks for taking the time to look at it again!


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