Sunday, May 12, 2013


The reason for my lack of drawing posts lately is because I've been spending my time recording songs. I didn't know a good way to post it until now. This is a song I made up called Dreamer. I recorded it using the free Audacity program. I love using Audacity and can't believe it's free.

You might need to let it load for a minute before it'll play.

The drums were created first, out of single hits I downloaded off the internet. I found snare, bass drum, open and closed high-hat sounds, and a crash cymbal. After I got a 2 measure drumbeat constructed I copied it for the rest of the song. Drum rolls were made on a 2nd track.

Acoustic guitars were recorded next. I doubled them so I could separate the sound in stereo. Also the double tracks make a chorus effect.

The keyboard sound is fake. It's created with a tone generator in Audacity. It will make a steady "A" note for you. Then you can chop that up and shift the pitch to make other notes. To make a chord I created multiple tracks of that A-note, and shifted them all to different keys. I added phaser and wahwah effects to the chord to make it sound like an organ. There are tons of effects inside Audacity, and you can search the internet for many others.

Then I did the electric guitar, just a raw signal straight from the guitar, to a line into the mike jack on the computer; no amplifier. The fuzz effects were more Audacity effects.

After the electric guitar was finished I added the bass. It is effect-less other than having the bass EQ pushed up a bit.

Vocals were last, and they were doubled too. Since they were doubled I didn't add echo or reverb to them.

You can record something that sounds like an entire band with only a guitar and a microphone if you don't want to spend a lot of moola. A bass part can be played on the guitar, and then pitch-shifted down an octave. The bass EQ can be raised a little to get it to sound more bassy.


  1. Another cool song! You have developed a distinctive sound that is all your own. You manage to have a unity from tune to tune, which is something I do not always hear from a lot of home recordings.

    Well played, sir!

  2. Thanks Willy! Hope your day is happy

  3. KW: I agree with Willy. You have your own sound. That's the key to great music. It reminds me of mid-sixties early seventies garage rock - proto punk - which is the greatest era in Rock N Roll to my mind: The Seeds, The Shadows of Knight, The Standells, etc. I'd buy a CD in a heartbeat. Great song. Great Style.


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