Sunday, September 8, 2013


Here's a new Screaming Wilhelms comic. This joke takes advantage of the comics medium. When I make comics I like to think of them as storyboards for an animated movie I would make someday in the future. This is one I wouldn't be able to use. In a minor way it actually bothers me.

If you want to see more Screaming Wilhelms comics click HERE.


  1. Honestly? I wish the SCREAMING WILHELMS would be made into a TV show... but your vision would probably be ruined so don't feel bad that its not... yet.

    In any case... I am ahuge fan! Keep up the good work!

  2. ssssSWOK ! I felt that axe it was drawn so real. An alternate funny punchline would be yet ANOTHER scrambled word-balloon that we the Reader have to de-code in order to laugh !

  3. Lysdexicuss, Thanks buddy! I'll try to think up some more. If I can smoothly work them in I will.

  4. KW: Keep them coming please - The Wilhelms always give me a laugh. I'd love to see this stuff on my newspaper's comics page. The Screamers are way better than 9/10s of the stuff out there now. It seems that no one can draw anymore, and your stuff is so original!

  5. Mykal thanks! That's a pretty good compliment. You made my day better


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