Thursday, September 19, 2013

Nasty Sinaster

Nasty Sinaster is a villainous creep. He delights in the misery of others. He looks like the Blood Count  because they may possibly be distant relatives. Probably the main difference is his hair isn't as kempt.

It's fun to draw something after being lazy for so long. A lot of things have happened since my last posts. We moved, I got kidney stones, and gangrene in my appendix. I'm healing up pretty good now and am starting to feel better than I have in a long time. The appendix hurt pretty bad but if I had to vote I'd say the kidney stones were a little more miserable. The appendix only hurt until it was cut out. The kidney stones just kept on hurting and hurting for weeks. I didn't realize this but kidney stones have sharp points all over them and that's why they hurt so bad. The biggest one I had was slightly smaller than a B-B.

The silver lining is I lost a lot of weight! I didn't feel like eating for days on end. I'm sure the weight will come back but while it's off I'm gonna take a bunch of photos of myself doing regular everyday things. Then when I'm old and see the photos it'll look like I was normally a thin person.


  1. KW: Sorry to hear about your medical problems, Jesus! Stones and an infected appendix. Lord have mercy, You must have been is such pain. Glad you are on the mend. My ex mother in law had kidney stones and she said it hurt way worse that childbirth. Damn.

  2. Thanks Mykal. I kept telling myself "pain = alive" so hurting was actually a good thing. That logic didn't really fly though. I changed my diet with hopes that it would never happen again. I sort of doubt anything will stop them though.

  3. Keith!! So glad you are up and at 'em, and that you are feeling better. I've missed your presence!
    Take care mate!


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