Tuesday, August 4, 2009


A standard trading card is 2 1/2" X 3 1/2". The cards I made weren't standard size and I worried that might be a problem for printing, so I spent 2 nights resizing them. I know that's something I should have looked into before I started, but I didn't really intend on doing more than 1 or 2 in the beginning. Resizing wasn't too terribly difficult since the backgrounds were just single-tone colors. The new taller format made some of the images slightly less compatible in the alloted space, while it made others fit better. All in all, it helped more than hurt.

I won't post the back side poster image. That way the people who decide to order their own sets will have something new to be surprised about. (Even though just owning a set - surprise or not - would be reward enough!) Why, I think having one's very own set would be like experiencing 5 birthday parties all at the same time! Yes, I can not imagine a more wonderful thing. Oh, to be coveted and envied like that. WOW!

I was also thinking I should cut the leather tongues out of my old shoes and include them in the sets to represent the horrible cardboardy gum included in the old trading card wax packs. I don't know what they made that "gum" out of, but it's not made of Earthy materials, that's for sure!

At a fleamarket I bought an old wax pack called Odd Rods from the 70s and it still had the gum in it. When I opened it, I was not surprised to find the stick of "gum" in it's original state, shape-wise and color-wise. I bet it even tasted the same. Even though it was 30 years old, It looked like it was new off the grocery store shelf.

I'm teasing about including shoe tongues. (Unless someone really wants it! I can see how that would be very tempting.)


  1. I've been looking all over the internet for places to get these cards printed and I kept coming up with ridiculous prices, like $50 a set! Finally today I went to a local print shop about 5 minutes from my house and they can do exactly what I want for a doable price. I just need to reformat a few things for their paper sizes and I'm in business. Thanks for the interest!


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