Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I'm not likely to ever get a tattoo because I can't think of a single image I'd never get tired of seeing. I can think of lots of images I'd enjoy for a month or so, maybe even a year, but after that I'd be ready for it to be gone.
This is probably the only image that would never get old to me.

If I needed a tattoo in order to keep my job or something like that, I guess a 1 foot tall Frankenstein monster head would look good on my belly. I'm only thinking about this because the guys at work are all talking about tattoos they want to get.

One guy asked me to draw a snake tattoo for him. His wife's name is Sandy, and he wanted the snake to be saying "SSSSSSSSSANDY."

Sandy probably felt really honored at having a snake hiss out her name. I asked what he'd ever do if Sandy divorced him and without even a second's hesitation he said he'd have it changed to "SSSSSSSSSANDY IS A SSSSSSSSNAKE."

It impressed me he had it so planned out.


  1. The nice thing about a belly tattoo is a person could change Frankenstein's facial expressions by tightening their belly muscles. :)

  2. HAHA! If you could make yourself grow a tumor on your side he'd look like he was chewing a wad of tobacco.


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