Thursday, August 13, 2009


Brush pen! The harder you push, the fatter the line gets. They're expensive though. I think I paid $3 or $4 dollars for the last one. If I have big areas of black, I will fill those in with a cheap chisel-tip Sharpie to conserve my expensive brush pen.

Also I found out it's a good idea to store your brush pens brush-tip-down so the ink stays down toward the brush. Otherwise the brush tip will dry out and there will still be ink up in the top of it where it doesn't do you any good.


  1. great drawing! what kind of brush pen is it? it sounds like a felt tip should try a real brush tip brush pen, now that is heaven!

  2. yes, you are right, it's a felt tip brush pen. I will try the real one eventually. is it more tricky or is it easier?

  3. i think using a real brush pen is way easier, and i think you will too! trust me buddy, i won't steer you wrong. go to and order the pentel pocket brush pen. there are alot of different confusing brushpens on that site but get yourself ppbp and some refills.

  4. Yes, I need to try one. I'm really curious about how they work. I trust your recommendation.


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