Saturday, November 20, 2010


My pal gave me a gourd with a long straight stem. It seems perfect for a stringed instrument. All I'd need to do is put a fretboard and bridge on it, and then some tuners and a sound hole. Look HERE to see another gourd I turned into a guitar. The unique feature on this new gourd would be the ability to incorporate it's own stem into the guitar's neck.

It may not be big enough for a 6-stringer, but I could probably get 3 on it. That's enough to make chords. It's just another project to throw onto my to-do list. Maybe it'll show up here sooner than later. It seems easy and fun so maybe I'll put other things aside to work on it.



  1. KW: My man, you are a freak of good ideas.


  2. Mykal's right again: LUCY!!!!
    okay, I'm happy. :)

    But Keith, if not a stringed mandogourd.... it would make a heck of a hookah.... not that I know anything about that/those

  3. I hope to be rich enough one day to commission a guitar of some sort from you.....those you've made are just too cool!!

  4. ha ha! i guess i can keep the price in the realm of humanity

  5. keith, cant wait to see what you do with this gourd! i must say that the thumbnail that i saw on my blogger dashboard (the top image) looked quite scary and phallic. i think the color of the couch has something to do with it...

  6. I agree with Brad. That first photo looks vaguely pornographic. I'm not exactly sure what it looks like, but it looks like something I shouldn't be looking at.


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