Monday, November 1, 2010


It seems like it's been quite a while since I worked on this guitar, but actually I never stopped. The last post was back in July.

I decided a while back I only wanted 1 pickup and 1 volume knob. I didn't want a tone because I never mess with that anyway. I always set the tone with the amp, or through the EQs when I record something.

I've been reading books and searching the internet for months, and I couldn't find a wiring diagram for one pickup/one volume anywhere. I was starting to think I'd have to just start touching wires to different contacts until I got a signal. In the past I made a guitar with one pickup and no volume or tone knobs. That was very simple. There were 2 wires coming out of the pickup, and there were 2 contacts on the jack. There was no way to mess it up.

Adding in a volume knob confused me because instead of it having just 2 contacts there were 3. That increased the possibilities to all kinds of chances of getting it wrong. 2 contacts on the jack, 2 on the pickup and then 3 on the volume knob add up to 1 worrisome headache. One thing I do know about wiring a guitar pickup: if you don't get it right, even if you do get a sound, if it isn't wired properly there will be lots of annoying buzzy white noise which will come and go as you touch the strings.

After about giving up I found Seymour Duncan's website, and he has wiring diagrams for pretty much any guitar pickup situation you'd ever wanna try. (I realize some guys are gonna take that as a challenge. He doesn't have wiring diagrams for use with roadkill or vegetables or exotic things like that.)

The thing I really like about his diagrams is he doesn't mess with those mysterious electronic symbols; he just draws a picture of the actual component. When you see his diagrams you can't do anything but get it right the 1st time.

Here is a Halloween picture from yesterday. That's my niece and nephew Mimi and Moe. Recently they helped me record a song and they did it perfectly. I needed them to say 3 different lines, and they had to be on beat and clear.
I'm off work for 6 weeks and I've been seeing how long and grubby I can grow my beard before I have to go back. So far it's about this grubby. This is 3 weeks worth.


  1. What a couple of cuties. I love that look Moe is giving you in that second shot. Uncle Keith! Looks like you lost a little weight, there, amigo. You were feeling a bit poorly, yes? Hope all is well.

  2. Hope the guitar and beard both progress well.

  3. The guitar is looking great!

    I like the expressions of M&M too :)

  4. I hope you post the song you recorded with your nephew and niece.

  5. One mini-humbucker with only one volume knob? THIS is gonna be one hell of a great guitar.

    I was gonna ask who was that guy with the beard, but then I thought I might read the post. I still don't know who that is.

  6. Is Moe wearing a New Tron Costume ? What is that ?

    Bummer there are no diagnostics on wiring Roadkill... I always wanted to bring one of them suckers back to life and control it to attack Drunk Drivers & people who Speed too fast while texting. Can't wait to hear your creation rock out !

  7. Like the pics! You three together seem trustworthy. I'd lend you the key of my castle with no worries.
    Let the beard grows freely: playing guitar wearing a long beard is the best way to do it. I second Matt's proposal: we wish hear that very song. I'd kill for that!

  8. good to see ya and with a beard even! by the time your ready to get back to work you will be able to double for one of the zztop guys!

    ps- i have never ever messed with those tone knobs either...

  9. It was nice of those kids to visit that homeless man in the photo...

  10. Thanks everybody for the comments. Mykal, I'm improving daily, thanks! Lysdexicuss, that's a Buzz Lightyear costume. That song may eventually show up here in one form or another. I was sort of hoping to do a video with it.

  11. From your comment to Mykal, Keith, I take it that your job inactivity was due to health concerns? I too hope you're feeling better and will recovery 149% (being contrary to those who always pick 150).
    Your nephew and niece are too cute.
    Hang in there buddy.

  12. R/E thanks! I am getting better. I had a bad spell for a while but I'm thru the worst.


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