Friday, December 3, 2010


Part 19 of my guitar project:

In the last post I mentioned how I was unhappy with the way the laminated wood looked on the headstock.

I'm going to cover the headstock with veneer. I'll start with the edges first, and then do the face. That way it'll lap over and look better. Here's the way the headstock looks currently. Since the contour of the headstock cuts diagonally through the walnut/maple lamination there's a large ugly stripe of walnut right in the center of the edge. That bugs me every time I see it.

I brushed some contact cement onto the edge of the headstock.

Also I brushed contact cement onto a strip of mahogany veneer. Then I let both pieces sit and dry to the touch (for about 15 minutes.)

After both pieces dried I wrapped the over-sized veneer around the edge of the headstock using a big heavy hardback book. I only had one shot to get it right. As soon as the pieces touched they were permanently bonded together. There was no opportunity for sliding pieces around to align them like you have with regular glue.

After the glue cured overnight I used a knife to trim the excess flush with the headstock. Done!
Next time I'll put some veneer onto the face.
I have no idea what it'll look like when it's veneered. The nice thing about working with wood is if you don't like it you can always sand things back off and try again. Hopefully that won't need to happen.

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