Thursday, December 16, 2010

TWITTY WIDGIMS (The Screaming Wilhelms #2)

Here's another Screaming Wilhelms comic. The 1st one can be seen HERE. I wonder if this comic is going to make people blink 2 times (like they do in animated cartoons) rather than laugh. Hopefully it makes sense.

I like the long pause (2 staring panels) in the above cartoon, but if I want to make this more comic book format friendly maybe those could go, and it would be like this:
Learn about, and hear the real Wilhelm Scream.


  1. I like the longer version...timing is everything...makes the blow work better I think.

  2. blink blink hahaha! jk.
    it doesn't work without those 2 panels of long pause, that is the comedic timing and without it its not effective. imo.

    love these characters!

  3. Long version is my pick. As Buster Keaton once said, "The audience loves a slow thinker.".

  4. So does this mean 3 out of 4 people understand it? I guess that's not as terrible as I was expecting.

    Thanks guys for the comments! Those pauses are a handy tool in comic strips. It's free since you don't have to draw it again, and sometimes it helps if your panel count doesn't fill the complete page. It seems like there's always a place where a pause will fit, too.

  5. I like the long version best, too. Timing is everything, and the added silence makes the joke work better. Happy holidays!!!

  6. I'm "in" for the longer, pause laden version too. It's also an indication that the author/artist respects the intelligence of the audience.

  7. R/E, it's settled then, the short version will never see the light of day beyond this here post


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