Tuesday, December 14, 2010

ASAP! (The Screaming Wilhelms #1)

This is the very first Screaming Wilhelms comic. There will be more to come.


  1. This one is LAUGH OUT LOUD funny~! How long did it take you to thunk this one up ? Did you think of it in two parts, then merge the ideas into one strip ? Or did it all happen seamlessly at once. Also, I have been meaning to ask you who are the Screaming Wilhelms ? Some of your music files have this as an embedded name~!

  2. I of course love the corn-ball word play humor (aka "Call me a cab...okay, you're a cab") it's brilliant Keith.
    But, I also giggle like a school girl when the mayhem (bloody too) ensues; death by brain punctured by stalactite... oh the sweetness.

  3. Sweet genius! The Screaming Wilhelms is my new fave strip!

  4. Lysdexicuss
    These are based on daily dry-erase board comics I did at work. They were 2 separate days originally but they fit together so I combined them. The Wilhelm Scream is a specific recorded scream they try to fit into just about every movie ever made in USA. If you google it you can find out the history.

    R/E Thanks buddy! Clunks to the head are always entertaining.

    Jeff, Thanks sir for the visit and the kind words!

  5. Yes~! I get a brownie point for guessing KW Monster's work process (insert Wilhelm Scream here)~!

  6. Yes, actually laughed out loud. Stalac-loose!
    Took me a moment to figure out the sap thing. Up here we say "a-s-a-p" not "a-sap". That's only on American TV shows...plus, I'm blonde.

  7. Thanks Uberbelly! That's surprising about the a-sap thing. Weird! I need to put a Canada disclaimer on this cartoon.


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