Saturday, June 25, 2011

DUNE BUGGY: It's getting there

Well, it's slowly getting closer to being finished. Now the body is on the frame, and it has a roll bar and loads of hidden chunks of metal welded all around under it for support.
It's just lacking small things. It needs side mirrors, and the seats need to be bolted down.

It'll also get a top, and mounting holes are already drilled and ready to go. It can be driven without the top so that's not an emergency.

Lee, the guy who's fixing up my dune buggy, had a 'Hotrod' emblem laying around in his shop since the 1960s. He didn't think he'd ever have a use for it so he mounted it to my grill. I thought that was pretty nice of him.

This photo isn't the clearest, but you can see the trunk has a diamond plate lid and also some bed rails. I'll be able to haul things back there, truck-style.
That's a "classic car" license plate. The previous dune buggy owner hasn't come to get it yet. He told me these plates don't expire. If that's really true it would be fantastic. I'm all for the idea of not spending any more money on this thing.


  1. At this rate it'll be finished just in time for them to outlaw internal combustion vehicles!

  2. Thanks guys for the comments!

  3. Cool to the power of cool!!

    Do you ever sleep... I'm sure I've asked this do you do all this?

  4. I'm not working on the dune buggy. Not really. I spent a few hours helping, and I don't know how much I actually helped. Most of the work was done by a guy named Lee.

  5. Cool...
    You will be solving mysteries in no time.

  6. Man, I wish you were my dad.

  7. I wish you were my son, and I hope you have a strong back. My son will be mowing grass, doing dishes, laundry and whatnot so I can relax. heh heh

  8. I had a 1977 Bradley Kit car on a 1968 VW lower portion..... Stolen from me by a former "Sheriff Deputy" of this crappy county.... Was Not able re-obtain vehicle.... and was "harassed" for attempting to ask for my car to be returned.... ( Crooked "red-neck" "authorities") with a couple (at least)Out To Get Me.... .... Good luck with the "Dune Buggy"
    Sorry ...your post reminded me of being F**ked over ......The Doctor

  9. That's a crappin' deal as my mom would say. I don't think I'd give up! You need to do a Dukes of Hazzard type stunt to get it back.

    Thanks for the visit!


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