Sunday, June 19, 2011


Here's what exists so far of a yet-to-be-finished wooden shelf project. The plan is to use 2 heads as brackets for a shelf, and then have the other 2 heads create a second tier so I'd have a bi-level shelf to display tiki mugs.

The reason I haven't finished the project yet is because I realized I don't have enough wall space to hang such a shelf. Now they sit awaiting a new idea.
These faces were free-handed rather than using a pattern. That gave each one its own personality.


  1. I love this, as I love Tiki (late 1950s early 1960s) style. Do you have space in the castle for a Tiki Room? God, I always wanted one of those.

    The carvings are Easter Island yet Cartoony. Perfect.

  2. Thor Heirdahl (sp) would buy a banana boat-load of these ! They look so easy~ but I know a lot of wood-shucking grease went into these puppies. Great job !

  3. Mykal, I do have a tiki kitchen with a bamboo tiki bar and mugs and masks and whatnot.

    Lysdexicuss, They would have been easier if I'd have used a different specie of wood. These are a veeerrrry hard poplar.

    Thanks guys!

  4. This quartet of Tiki heads is way cool Keith! I'm sure you'll find just the right way to permanently display them for the proper effect.

  5. Thanks R/E! have a happy day

  6. stop being so talented! stop! too cool!


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