Friday, June 17, 2011


This is a pretty old drawing but I don't think I've ever posted it here on this blog. Obviously kids shouldn't really play with actual body parts, but I think this would be a solid and worthy toy idea in plastic form. If I were a kid I'd love connecting parts together to create my own full-sized 7 foot tall monster. Maybe size would be an issue. It wouldn't fit in the toy box.
I could see a toy like this having lots of expansion packs, like veins with blood-pumping action and nervous systems to be added to the monster. Light-up eyes. A
voice box with a wailing scream which could be set to go off at certain times like an alarm clock.

Once kids constructed their creatures they could stand them upright beside their bedroom doorways, and feel safe and protected. Or maybe kids would be mortified to see that thing standing there when they woke up in the middle of the night to get a glass of water. I know I can't speak for all kids, but I personally would have loved it.


  1. This would be more fun than my blow-up girl friend....maybe. Better call Mattel and Hasbro. Get them in a bidding war.

  2. One of the BEST pictures of the MONSTER I've seen...the sad, "put upon" expression in his eyes-- right next to your tag-line "Teach Him to do your chores" cracks me up. I would have bought two and had them fight (War of the Gargantuas,anyone?)
    Seifco... love it.

  3. A-W-E-S-O-M-E-! IDEA ! You really need to pursue marketing this one. ALL kids would love something to protect them from the Dark & Scary Monsters besides a night-light or Mommy & daddy's false promises. You could develop different names & personalities for the characters to better match them with each child, like, THE BOUNCER, a Monster who will bounce real Monsters out of your room like Drunk Adults @ a Bar etc. C'mon Man ! this is a million Dollar concept ! DO IT !

  4. You could call this line of Toys: MONSTER CHASERS (if they came with a shot glass and were sold in Bars, Adults would buy the crap out of them. One Model could be: EX-Girlfriend, aka, THE TRAIN-WRECK)

  5. R/E, thanks buddy! Hey maybe Garantua fur could be an expansion pack.

    Lysdexicuss, Thanks for the encouragement and the ideas! I think you're right. Both kids and adults may enjoy giant creatures! Woohoo!

  6. "I used to Loooove her... But I had ta kill her !" could be a quote on The Train-Wreck box. Tee Hee !


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