Sunday, July 31, 2011

MONKEY BEACH in Thailand

There's a place in Thailand called Phi Phi Island. It's actually pronounced "Pee-Pee Island," believe it or not. We went on a boat ride to Phi Phi Island and got to visit Monkey Beach along the way.
These monkeys weren't tame and would steal sunglasses, hats, earrings and cellphones and whatever they could grab and run with.
Monkeys were darting around and yanking food out of our hands too. It seems extra bad for a monkey to drink Coke since they probably aren't gonna be brushing their teeth afterwards.
This was a cliff right on the edge of Monkey Beach.

In this picture I appear calm but was very horrified by these tiny monkeys. Who knows what kinds of weird monkey diseases they carried.
I had to beg Mei to stand by the monkeys. She was scared of them too. I told her it was safe, but I didn't really know if it was or not.
We both made it out of there unbitten so I guess it was safe after all. Next time maybe I'll be more brave and approach a monkey. Maybe I'll even touch one. Or not.


  1. Holy crap!
    This is the best beach ever.

    Thanks for sharing the story. Looks awesome.

  2. I love how the Monkeys blend into the rocks. That cliff shot is amazing !

  3. Andrew and Lysdexicuss,
    Thanks guys! It was a pretty nifty beach. We need something like that here in my city. Too bad there's no ocean.

  4. KW, I'm sure that monkey might have been thinking the same thing about the humans there.

    Man, don't tell the people at Coke about these monkeys! Talk about an untapped market!

    What a cool vacation!

  5. I love monkeys, but more so the kind in comic books and TV're a braver man than me...the little buggers all "juiced" up on coke look like they could take a huge hunk out of ones thigh.

  6. I too am a monkey lover, but it's better when they are not loose to bite faces off like they did that one lady a year or two ago.

  7. Tanu, thanks for the visit and the comment!


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