Saturday, July 16, 2011


I saw these all over China. They were small plastic boxes located in every nook and cranny, every where I went, even on little boats. At first when I saw one I thought it was some kind of funny joke product like you'd find in Spencers: a man in a business suit, in a clenched-fist action pose, with either a robot mask or space helmet. But it wasn't that! It was real!

Inside is a fire escape hood. These were in all the apartment complexes too, located where you'd normally find fire extinguishers. The odd thing was I never saw any fire extinguishers. They never had enough of these though. If there really was a fire only a small percentage of the people would be able to get out alive.

These were popular too. Kung Fu restaurants with Bruce Lee as the mascot. Sadly I didn't get to eat at one. Maybe next time.

See the girl in the white t-shirt in the lower right? What's her shirt say?

Here's another angle. I suspect she doesn't know what it says. Mei says Chinese people like English lettering the way we like Chinese characters. Sometimes Mei will whisper to me when she sees an American with a Chinese character tattoo. She will tell me the meaning and I'm sure the person with the tattoo doesn't know that's what it says. One time it said "smell" and another time it said "hooker." Mei said sometimes it takes a second character to clarify the meaning. Some characters are used for a variety of meanings. It looked cool though in spite of the actual meaning.


  1. still that (in the second photo of the woman) I've been able to read what her t-shirt says :)
    Also, love that big green DAIMAJIN type statue guy with the sword.

  2. I liked the statue too. I was pretending to take a picture of that but just happened to fit her and her t-shirt into every shot.

  3. Dear Abbie:
    The first time I saw this acronym for French Connection U.K. I was in a large fashion mall in Toronto. There it was in six foot high letters. Now I'm a pretty crude old dude but I was a little uncomfortable with it. Am I showing my age?
    Morally Confounded

  4. Ha! But how could there be a French Connection in the UK?

  5. I'm fcuked if I know.

  6. Jeeves, I'm with you.....but it makes me uncomfortable not because of the swearing aspect, but because the idea behind the branding is cheap, though-less, lazy, and just not very smart.

    Speaking of branding: while in PEI two years ago, I watched a lot of TV from Boston. There is a string of FAMILY restaurants there called "FRIENDLY'S", and they had a slogan that went something like this: "Every child at the end of every meal gets a HAPPY ENDING!" I'm not exactly sure of the exact phrasing, but this is close.

    What were they thinking?


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