Monday, July 4, 2011


It seems to be a yearly event now. Each Summer I get a nest full of baby birds in my front door. It lasts about 2 weeks and then they fly off leaving me a disgusting mess to clean up.

I should just shoo the mama away when I see her building the nest but I don't have the heart.
See the sleeping action! Also you can see the mama:


  1. next year hang a hungry cat beside the wreath...

  2. KW: You have a good heart, and just keep doint what your doing. Let the birds live, clean the discusting mess (I've done the same myself). Ps: Lysdixicuss was just kidding. He's really a softy! He'd be feeding the birds!

  3. Mykal: You better believe it ! Birds to me are beauty personified and better than annoying alarm-clocks. I was just sticking to the sick-humor KW Monster theme of this blog. Your luck, the cats & birds would mate and every summer the swallows would come back to catastromo.

  4. Ha ha! I hung the cat to your specs, Lysdexicuss. But now it's just hanging there attracting worms. The birds are enjoying those worms. I don't think they're ever gonna leave now!

  5. Front door bird knockers!

    I always consider it lucky to have any contact with birds, as they are my favourite animal. They fascinate me, and if cleaning up birdie doo doo is the price to pay for close parental/baby scrutiny, I'm all over it.

    Thanks for posting the footage.

  6. I'm just complaining to hear myself complain. Secretly I kind of like the birds being there.


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