Tuesday, March 19, 2013


My only excuse: I am male. It's bred into us males' brains to giggle eternally at the sound of cheeks'o'flappin. Ask any guy. If a guy tells you they aren't funny then you need to watch that guy.

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  1. Don Martin said it best...."BOOFERAP!!!!"

    And he should know...he was Don Martin!!!!

  2. Albie the Good
    Thanks man!

    I now own the complete works of Don Martin all in one gigantic red book. It's a prized possession.

  3. Cool! Is that a new book? I would love to get that for sure. What is it called? Not sure I have seen that one.

    I saw a great Jack Davis limited edition last week that I NEED to get one day. It is a compilation of his EC work, Tales from the Crypt. It is 2x3 feet! It is his inked drawings, not colour, and it is the size he drew the originals. It's $150.00 bucks here! The drawings are so great, and the cover is outstanding. Have you seen it?
    Jack Davis is one of my heroes. just love his drawings.
    Check it out if you can.

    Sorry to hear about the passing of Ray Harryhaussen, speaking of heroes. His work still fills me with wonder. He has three very good books about as well. I have them of course. Collecting art books of all sorts is a big passion of mine.

  4. Wow, I didn't know about that 2x3 book. I can't find it online. Maybe it's sold out already.


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