Sunday, April 26, 2009


With the exception of the last one, these drawings are made with a black brush-pen on colored paper, with a white pencil used for the highlights. I like brush-pens a lot. Because of the rubbery tip, the harder you push, the wider the lines become. In the last drawing I used a black pencil instead of the brush-pen. You can see the black and white pencils mix to gray in his hair. That mixing happens whether you want it to or not.

These drawings are satisfying because you get a 3D result very quickly, and don't have to wait for anything to dry. As soon as the white is added, everything begins to pop out. If you don't want to go out and buy colored paper, old paper grocery bags work well.

These pencils, both the black and white are Prismacolor drawing pencils from the art store. I was happy when I discovered them. They are very nearly as permanent as ink. I can't erase or smudge them. (Sometimes that's good, sometimes it isn't.) I'm left-handed so smudging is a major concern for me. Every time I write a senctence, the heel of my hand smears right through what I just wrote. 

Another thing I like about these pencils is the black is much blacker than a regular No.2 pencil. Sometimes if you tilt the paper just right, regular No.2 pencil lines almost become silvery and difficult to see. If there's a shiny light the reflective No.2 pencil lines can even become white. 


  1. hey testing the broken link....

    ps- talk about 3D have you checked this guy out on flickr --> does really cool 2D -> 3D conversions...

  2. i guess this means the broken-ness is fixed. thanks for helping!

    That's cool, the 3D photo link you sent! thanks!

    I understand the concept of things appearing closer the more your eyes have to cross to match the 2 images up. What I don't understand is how eyes can do several depths all at the same time. Wouldn't that mean your eyes are crossing different amounts simultaneously? I know it works, because i'm sitting here and looking right at it and it's working. I'm confused.

  3. Awesome work! Basil Wolverton would be proud! Yayy!!!

  4. i like it, and i love you babe

  5. Jayne,
    Thanks for the visit and the kind words!


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