Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Two of my favorite things all rolled into one: Frankenstein and Pez.

I got this for $8. There are some on ebay but they cost a little more. This is what he looks like from the side.

And the front.

When you open his head, rather than releasing a single piece of candy, he dispenses an entire package of Pez. Also he lights up and groans and has various sounds which cycle through at each dispensement.

Sometimes he flashes red and sometimes green. That's just plain crazy! I'd have paid $8 even without the sounds and lights. It's above and beyond necessary but I do appreciate it.


  1. Love the green eyes.
    PEZ monster characters are pretty darn neat. It's interesting that they didn't make the Monster with green plastic.

  2. the companion to this is a giant thousand dollar bill with your Dentist's head stuck on the other end.

  3. R/E
    You are right. It is weird they made it gray. Als the head is just enough round so it's not exactly flat on top. Maybe they weren't allowed to have a Boris-style likeness.

    Ha Ha! Yes it is a lot of pure sugar. Someday my feet will hate me for all the sugar I consume.


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