Thursday, June 10, 2010


I remember not liking this new version of the Addams Family back in the early 90s but I do like these candy containers. I got them for $1 each. They still had candy in them. It looked like something Uncle Fester would have eaten. It took me 30 minutes to wash them out. The heads are all hinged and the heads flip up for candy access. Uncle Fester is my favorite of the three.

They pale in comparison to the original characters, but until they make candy containers of the original guys I guess they're better than nothing.

The Original:

The new version:


  1. The blue Lerch is just wrong, but the designs are cool reboots of classic characters.

  2. agree with Lysdexicuss re: BlueLurch
    BUT that Fester is creepyingly cool. The pointy teeth and air of menace makes him look like something you would have designed Keith (compliment).
    I've always loved Fester cause he looks like me (follically challenged)

  3. I agree with you guys. Blue is an odd color. The old guys were perfect. I don't understand why they changed them. I do like this creepy Fester though.

  4. I picked up the blue Lurch at a flea market and had no idea it was supposed to be Lurch... I just thought it was some kooky blue Frankenstein monster. Guess what I learned today? Thanks!

  5. If I didn't know he was supposed to be Lurch I think I'd like him more. Thanks for the visit!


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