Monday, June 14, 2010


I bought this a few weeks ago. I love Weird-Ohs, Nutty Mads and Big Daddy Roth Rat-Fink type toys and model kits from the 60s. This particular model is a modern-day reissue. The price is a whole lot better and it's same amount of fun.

As much as I love it, I suspect it will end up in this closet along with all the other model kits I've never built.
See that Spider-Man web-blaster in there? I have absolutely no memory of putting it in there or where it came from. Sometimes I see something at a yardsale and stuff it in this closet the same day I buy it. Then I don't open the closet for several years. Who knows what's in there under the 1st visible layer.


  1. Keith,
    Can I come over to your house please... I'll work hard at cleaning out and organizing your COOL-CLOSET :)
    I'm a big Ed Roth/Rat Fink fan too.

  2. you could do a month's worth of blogs all about excavating each layer of your closet~!

  3. R/E
    If you come to my house I'll give you that web-blaster.

    I think you're right. I remember one of the things in that closet is a Monster Maker rotocaster machine. i really liked that one as a kid.


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