Friday, June 25, 2010


This is a send-away premium from Cap'n Crunch cereal. It's the most elaborate cereal prize I've ever seen.

Some guy on Ebay is selling a bunch of them. He must have looted some abandoned warehouse. You get them in the original box they were mailed in back in the day.

I got this for $6 plus shipping which is a really good price. I saw some people selling this same thing for $35 and even $60. If you want one you should hurry up. He had a limited supply.

The instructions seem kind of complicated for a kid.

Yikes! Look at all the little finicky pieces! This is probably one of those projects the dad had to do while the kid sat and watched.

It came with 3 rubber bands and they are still in a worthy rubbery state.

Stickers for extra realness!

These paddle boats come in the original boxes and I don't think the parts inside have seen the light of day for decades.
I guess I'll eventually put it together. In the meantime if you want to see what it looks like assembled...

A guy named Jeff Pidgeon got one and put his together. Here's a picture I totally ripped off his blog. I hope he doesn't mind. He has bunches of cool toys and drawings. You ought to check him out by clicking HERE.


  1. totally cool Keith! Gotta love the Cap'n and SEA DOG (one of my dog heroes...what with him and his Bossun's Pipe). And thanks for the link.

  2. Thanks for the comment Rogue!

  3. Oh yes...very cool!

    RATTLE OK would be a good name for a band methinks!

    Also, I must say I've been in a worthy rubbery state myself more than a few times!!

  4. Ha ha! And you are right, that would be a good band name.

  5. I didn't even remember the good Cap'n having a dog! Was he written out of the later commercials? or was I just unobservant? [The latter's a strong possibility, I have to admit :( ]

    I really like the dog, btw. He looks like a fun Jay ward kinda character.

  6. wow they definitely don't do stuff like that anymore. As a matter of fact there should be more cereal prizes based on the actual cereal mascots themselves rather than movie tie-ins. I think they would be more collectible and it would promote the cereal all by itself. Cool find!

  7. Albie,
    I guess the dog was written out for some reason. Also there were a gang of kids and they're all gone too. You are right, Jay Ward did those old commercials. I liked their Cap'n with the eye bags better than the version they use now.
    Thanks for the visit and the comment!

    I completely agree with you. I miss cereal mascots. Also I miss prizes in boxes of cereal. For some reason they quit doing that. Maybe some kid tried to eat a prize and choked. Thanks for the comment, sir!


  8. Just found this! I owned one of these toys and put it together myself. There was also a pirate, Jean Lefoote, who was always barefoot and trying to steal the Cap’n’s cereal.


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