Saturday, June 19, 2010


In the last episode I put a wedge under the neck to put it at an angle for the bridge. Now I'm going to need to cut that much of the angle out of the neck because 2 objects can't occupy the same space unless I'm living in the 4th dimension.

After the wedge is in place, you can see how much it angularly kicks the neck up out of the body.

I mark a line as to where I need to remove some wood from the neck.

Then I cut that pencil line on a bandsaw. I left the line a little heavy so I could sand it down. Please ignore the rude thing that wiener dog is doing in the background.

Now the neck lays into the body just a hair high for sanding it flush. You can see bandsaw marks across the thru-neck but those will all be sanded away after it's glued in place.

The butt end of the thru-neck will need to be hand-carved to match the shape in the body. The goal will be to make it flow around so smoothly even a braille expert wouldn't be able to feel where the joint stops or starts. Hopefully it works out that way.


  1. KW: Message recieved: Weiner Dog has had it with this project!

  2. As someone who's babysat the weiner dog and spent many hours waiting for her to find just the right spot, I've noticed the following behavior:

    Tail curved up: Pee
    Tail straight out: Poo

  3. Bob: Well observed. I appreciate the benifit of your ecperience. I was wondering.

  4. ha ha! Not to turn this into a poo discussion but also if the butt is squatted flat on the ground it's number one. If the back is arched upwards it's number two.

  5. once again, your weiner dawg has stolen the show. that picture is clearly a flattened view of the 4th dimension of poo.

  6. Ha ha! that camera hog! She's always hoping some talent scout will spot her!


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