Monday, June 7, 2010


I got some hardware in the mail so I've been back at my guitar project.

This is the stuff I ordered. A bridge and some tuning keys. I separated one of the tuning keys to show how it stacks together. The largest part (with the key) pokes up through the back of the head, then the washer lays down onto the face side of the head, and the threaded part screws down through the washer, over the pin and onto the large keyed part. a small screw holds it all from spinning around.
I'll still need a tail piece to hold the strings but I want to work that out later after I see the shape of the guitar. Also I'll need pickups and volume and tone knobs. And a jack. And some other odds and ends.

Here's the piece of mahogany for the body. It's 1 1/2" thick.

Here I cut out the body shape. I really like symmetrical body designs. I'll also put a shape on the edge and cut a notch down the middle to accept the thru-neck. This body is 12" wide and 15" long. It's a smaller body than most guitars. I like that. Heavy bodies do produce more sustain from the strings, but I have a heavy guitar already. I'm wanting a nice, light, comfortable, un-awkward guitar these days.
Anyhoo, since it's an electric, if I do need more sustain sometime I can get it with effects pedals.


  1. are you going to add a veneer for design? how are you going to finish it?

  2. SS
    I guess I won't do a veneer. I like the grain in the mahogany pretty well. It's not very visible in the photos but it has a cathedral arch in the center. I haven't decided how to finish it. Maybe darker on the edges and fade to light in the center. Thanks for the visit and the comment!


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