Tuesday, April 6, 2010


My friend Matt Hawes who I've known since the mid 1980s has a show on local public access called The Happy Show. He does a lot of silly, fun stuff with reoccurring characters. Sometimes he will dig out old song recordings I did back in the good ol' days, and fancy them up with video footage. In this particular case he even built an imaginary dance show around the song. Matt is playing all the characters in the video. He's quite a ham in front of a camera. As a side note he also draws very well, and owns his own comic book shop here in town.


  1. i see an awful lot of stuff on the internet, but this is one of my all time favorite viewing experiences/listening :).... geez how much talent can one guy have? three hundred pounds of shredded meat is going to be in my head for a week, always a good sign of a great hook! LOL!

  2. That's a great clip! Your friend Matt is really funny!

    You are a gifted creative artist with many, many talents! Loved it!

  3. KW: Cool song! Where did the video of swinging chicks and hip guys come from? That was pretty cool, too! -- Mykal

  4. Brad, wow, thanks!

    Michael, I speak for Matt when I say thanks

    Mykal, Thanks friend! I don't know where those groovy kids came from. Their keen moves are in the public domain though.

  5. Keith and friends, thanks for the kind comments about the video. "300 Pounds of Shredded Meat" has to be one of my fave KW Monster/Keith Seifert productions. It's so groovy with an important social commentary to boot!

    I've been privelegd to listen to Keith's (and his brother Kevin's) music since we were still in high school together, and I was very happy when Keith and Kevin gave me the permission to create music videos for their works for "The Happy Show!" Thanks again, guys!

    As for the public domain footage I used, believe it or not, most of it is from a camera ad, and a longer sales film for refridgerators. Them silly '60's people! Yayy!!!


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