Thursday, April 8, 2010


More paper-wastin' here. I'm noticing when I'm not drawing Frankensteins or monkeys, I like drawing cavemen. I'm not sure if I like the cavemen themselves or the crude and primitive dinosaur-riddled jungle atmosphere they exist in.

They are enjoyable to draw though. You can get reeeeeal ugly with them, and the clothing is pretty fun too. Also I've always liked drawing ugly big feet and knobby toes. Characters with shoes deprive me of that joy.


  1. Ha! These sketches are cool, but that caveman is just awesome! He looks like he could eat Fred Flintsone for breakfast and still be hungry!

  2. These are great. And someone commented on my blog that I should scan the ones you gave us and make a coloring book for the kids! SO, not only do I have original art to hang in the kids' rooms, but I also have an art project for them! Cool idea, huh?

  3. Thanks MMM!
    I like that idea a lot

  4. KW: some mighty fine paper-wastin' here, buddy! Wish I could waste paper like that. -- Mykal

  5. i'm with you about the toes~! i have a caveman foot-fetish that only OO-GA can satiate~!

  6. Mykal, Thanks! You say that but I've seen what you can do and you know what you're doing with pencil and paper.

    Lysdexicuss, HAHA!


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