Friday, April 30, 2010


Here's a poem I wrote. Maybe someday I'll put it to music.


The sad little zombie,
He's a sad little guy.
His mama yelled at him.
Now he wants to cry.

She been in the kitchen,
Cooking all day.
Working fingers to the bone,
To put food on his plate.

It's a big juicy head
With noodles and beets.
The eyes are fried crispy,
And it still has it's teeth.

"It sure looks delicous,"
He cried to his ma,
"It's crispy and juicy,
And not very raw."

"Then why don't you eat?"
She mournfully said
"I worked and I slaved
And now I'm so dead."

"Don't feel bad mama.
You're not a bad chef,
But if I eat one more bite,
I'm gonna heft.

My appetite was spoiled,
I must admit.
For my pals and I
have been snacking a bit.

Earlier today,
while we were outside,
A school bus turned over,
And all the kids died."

His mother's face changed
As she listened a while.
Her frown dropped away,
Revealling a smile.

"Stop Right there, Honey.
No need to explain.
If I'd been there with you
I'd do the same.

When opportunities arise
Be resourceful and wise.
Take advantage of blessings
Or they'll go to the flies.

I've taught you well.
You didn't waste all that meat.
Poor zombies in China
Have nothing to eat.

You made a sunny day
From dreary old cloud.
I'm not mad at you.
In fact, I'm so proud."


  1. Who knew a song about zombies eating human flesh could be so uplifting with a strong moral ?

    "Take advantage of blessings, or they'll go to the flies" That's classic stuff, KW~! Hope this song comes out by next Halloween ;~j

  2. Thanks Lysdexicuss, Yes it's inspirational. Any kid would do themselves good to read this story.


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