Saturday, April 17, 2010


As a kid I loved Championship Wrestling out of Memphis. My grandpa got me hooked on it. A lot of the greats started there, like Jerry "the King" Lawler, and Jimmy Hart. It was hosted by Lance Russell and Dave Brown. It was on every Saturday right after cartoons, and I never missed it.

It's hard to explain why it was so much more fun to me than the wrestling they show nowadays. They wouldn't do as much ring wrestling as they would street brawling in the parking lots and backstage, or during interviews. You could always count on something going impossibly haywire and walls falling down and desks getting destroyed, and blood blood flowing.

Watch this clip to get an idea of how things always seemed to go. It would usually start out civil and normal, but that never lasted. It would always eventually go wrong and then get worse and worse and WORSE. And just when it seemed like it couldn't get any worse, it got more worser.


  1. Oh Hell yes!! I love the announcer! "Hit him again, John!" Now that's great television. -- Mykal

  2. Ha ha! They knew how to entertain!

  3. yes i love this too! i thought it was on sundays though, but maybe not. anyway was this the same scene that andy kaufman wrestled lawler? that is classic...

  4. Maybe they ran it on Sundays in your city. The Andy Kaufman wrestling incident did occur on Memphis Championship Wrestling. Those were the good ol' days.


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