Friday, April 2, 2010


I was just kidding about that last post. April Fools.

Here's a video I made with my brother back in the good ol' days. Maybe the late 80s or early 90s.

All the pieces are cut out of paper and controlled by hand off-screen. It seemed like an easy and fun project before I started but turned into an enormous amount of work. I surprised at the huge stack of paper parts I had when I'd finished.

My brother Kevin would aim the camera on the fly and do his best to keep my hands out of the frame. Sometimes though I'd reach in too far. I guess in the end it doesn't really matter if the hands are visible. It's not like I'd be fooling anyone anyway.

We didn't have computer video editing equipment back then so I filmed all the shots separately and edited them together by bouncing back and forth on 2 VCRs. You end up having to do some guesswork and wishing and hoping it will time out right in the end.

We didn't have a real video camera back then. Kevin had a kid's camcorder which filmed onto standard audio cassette tapes. It was the Fisher-Price PXL-2000. I think that meant it had a total of 2000 pixels. The video is a little blurry so I'll explain the plot.

There are 2 starving guys stranded on a life raft. They kill and eat a bird to survive. They don't realize the bird ate some fish which were swimming in toxic waste, so the bird meat kills them. The end.

The video doesn't really have anything to do with the song. The song is about a guy named Jonathan Jiggs whose plane crash lands on an island. While there he meets and island girl who he then falls in love with. Later he learns she is a cannibal when she eats his ear. He has to put her down and buries her by a pineapple tree.

Her corpse fertilizes the pineapple tree and makes the pineapples grow healthy. Now when he drinks his pineapple juice he likens it to kissing her. See? A love story!


  1. April fools my ass. You got me good!

    Anyway, I love this. The two guys eating scared the hell out of me. -- Mykal

  2. Mykal and Michael, thanks guys for the kind words.

  3. Great stuff!

    Do you still have that Fischer Price recorder? They are apparently something of a collectors item now. I regret not buying one when Nikki was a kid. There is an whole scene of filmmakers who still use it.

    Twisted? The only way to be!!

  4. Willy,

    I'm not sure if my brother still has it or not. Seems like he kept most of his old toys. I'll ask!


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