Monday, April 26, 2010


Some of this animation was already posted before, but not all of it. There's a new song here too. I have about 3 seconds of footage on my motorcycle. I rode it for years, and that's the only picture or video I have of it. It was a Yamaha Maxim XJ 650. I think it was a 1981 or 1982 model. It had a drive shaft instead of a chain. I never had a lick of trouble out of if and I regret selling it.

I sold it because when I moved to my current home I didn't have a garage to keep it out of the weather. After I sold it I used the money to build a garage. Then I didn't have a bike to keep in it. What a gyp!

My brother and I accidentally discovered something on the guitar solo in this recording. Out of laziness we didn't want to plug in some more wires and set up the electric guitar for the solo, so we held a microphone right next to the strings on the electric, about 2 inches from the pick action. An echo effect was added. We thought it sounded like an early Beatles guitar. (Just the solo guitar in the middle, not the rhythm. )


  1. What a cool song! And the guitar effect was pretty happening, too!

  2. Don't despair mighty bikeless Monster Man~

    Now you got a garage to play Mad Scientist~!

  3. Mykal, Thanks for the kind compliments!

    Lysdexicuss, You are right, now I can build my own monster out there.

  4. I so love this! Have always loved clay animation since I was little and your song rocks!!!!!!

  5. Thanks Christine! That makes my day more happy


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