Friday, April 23, 2010


Here's an old clay animation I made in the 1980s when I was 13. It stars my brother Kevin as the boy, and my mom as The Mom. For a kid not yet 7 years old I felt like Kevin did a darned good acting job. My mom went the vaudeville route. After the 1st couple animated sequences in this video I learned to keep my lamp in the same place for each frame, which cut down considerably on the blinking.

The song was written and recorded 7 or 8 years ago. The song is longer but It fades out early to match the length of the video. I looked through my songs and this was the closest to the length of that video. Kevin (who is the boy in the video) is playing bass on this song. The song is about being lazy and reveling in it.


  1. Ha! Very awesome!
    I love the scene where the worm eats the apple! Well done!

    You certainly were a precocious little sprat, weren't you? Looking forward to seeing you make real movies now, complete with soundtracks and music! You certainly have what it takes!

  2. Eating the Apple sequence was fantastic ! Soundtrack really adds to the overall theme/flavor ! Can we ever be as clever as we were in our adolescence ? Dang it- we have to try harder !

  3. Michael
    Thanks friend, that's the ultimate goal.

    I agree with you. Also I think there's something about not yet knowing how difficult a task would be allows a kid to go for it.

  4. "AH HA"!!!

    Love that moment..which is not to take away from the lovely animation!! You have the stuff sir....liked the song as well more please!!

    Also....the best mum acting I've seen in years!!!

  5. On behalf of my mom and brother, thanks Willy!


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