Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Welcome to Running Joke city! Maybe what was important to cavemen was the complete opposite of what is important to us nowadays. Maybe if they needed to hunt and kill to survive different things would have been considered to be ideal physical features.

I like doing these template-style comics. They could go on forever! But relax. I won't put anyone through that. Four is enough.

Grog and Grog #1

Grog and Grog #2

Grog and Grog #3

Grog and Grog #4


  1. Ha!
    That would be funny to see a daily newspaper strip like this, never changing and always the same punchline! You could do about a years worth of strips in a few days, or even hours!

  2. Thanks Apocolyte! That's the idea. easy/lazy/cheater's method! but i suspect it would get old after the 3rd one.

  3. "Your Wife, OO-Ga~ in Sleestack Gangbang'

    (a beat)

    "You telling me~ she's a Sleeze ?"

  4. Can you imagine, were Grog and Grog to finally co-exist peacably, how much we could learn from that? Yayy!!!


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