Saturday, April 3, 2010


I found a sketchpad tucked away in a pile of books and this drawing was in it. I have no memory whatsoever of doing it.

Hope everyone had a Good Friday, and has a good Easter. Remember, eggs are high in cholesterol and can kill you.


  1. no wonder you have no memory of this self-portrait. there is a massive scar on your forehead~ leading me to conclude~ you gave yourself a LOBOTOMY ~!

  2. I love how this frankie has lost his dentures. -- Mykal

  3. See!!! See, this is what I've been saying...Keith, your forgotten "sketches" (so voluminous, even a brain like you can't remember them all) are BETTER than the finished products of all the other so-called big-name artists!
    Not, "Make Mine Marvel," but "Make Mine Seifert!"

  4. Doug and Michael and Lysdexicuss and Mykal and R/E! Thanks you guys for all the kind words!


  5. Finding a lost drawing that you cannot remember drawing is pure gold.

    It does the heart good, but also warps the brain a in" what the?.......I have no idea when this was drawn!!!"

    It has not happened often to me because of my "system", but when it does it's a mind-blower.

    I recently found the words to a song that I apparently wrote... I have NO idea when it was rememberance of having written it, although I did sign it! is now lost again!!


  6. Thanks Willy. You are right. When you remember it you remember the whole process and can't see the drawing as a whole; you see all the steps and layers. If you get to see it all at once for the "1st time" it hits you with its full effect.

    So Willy do you play music too, like Nikki? Say HI to Nikki for me.

  7. i forgot about drawing all the time too, but i never find them...hmmmm

    anyways love this sketch keith, nice soft lines and beautiful tone. love to see more in this style.

  8. Thanks Brad! I'll post some more. You forget your drawings too? Ha ha!


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