Friday, April 9, 2010


For the longest time I was buying pillows for Lucy's bed. After about a week they would get stinky. Mei had the idea of using old clothes instead of buying pillows over and over.

This happens a lot. Lucy will somehow manage to squeeze into a sleeve or a pant leg or any opening she can find and get trapped in it. I think digging and routing is a dachshund trait. These are Mei's old pants. Lucy calmly accepts her commonly occurring pant leg entrapment and pays no mind to it. She just inchworms her way over to her bowl to eat, and then inchworms her way back to her bed.

It impresses me because she went in through the waist opening, and crawled all the way down the length of the leg, and out the foot opening. Then once her front feet were out there was nothing more for her to grip against, so that's where they settled. Sometimes I hear rustling sounds coming from her bed. I guess this is what's going on.

After I took some pictures I went ahead and cut her loose.


  1. I can't stop laughing at these pictures!

  2. and i thought my pets were silly!(no offense!)

  3. Apocolyte and Prof, thanks guys!


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