Thursday, April 1, 2010


Blogger says I am out of space so I guess that's the end of this blog. They said I was abusing the system with "larger than normal" picture files. I don't understand because I see other people with lots of posted pictures and they don't seem to get flack over it.

April Fools!


  1. i was just thinking how nobody has punked me yet today. cheers ! let me be the 1st to announce you are still one Monster of an ornery rapscallion~!

  2. darn. i was happy you were quitting....

    LOL. gotcha back...

  3. Ha! Ya got me, too!
    You are good at posting stuff with a straight face!
    I read what you said and started panicking because I also have lotsa art 'n' graphics, so I thought I was next! HA!
    Good ol' evil KW!

  4. Ha ha! I hope this doesn't backfire and make people quit reading my posts because they think I'm gone

  5. You didn't get me Keith... cause I think I've got the same kind of, er, "off" centered, katty-cornered, sense of humor as you do! But still, GREAT POST nonetheless. In fact, IF BLOGGER were ever to kick you out... I'd leave too in solidarity... if they didn't accept my pals, then I'm not staying either!

  6. i remember when Blogger told me i was out of space too- i was just about to comment on how to "fix" when i scrolled down and...

  7. R/E, Thanks for the solidarity!

    Prof, just teasing, but now that you say there's a fix i am curious. Do you have to pay for it?


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