Saturday, October 10, 2009


I don't much care for the new graffiti-art craze everyone is into right now. Any time I pick up an art magazine it's full of photos of graffiti which is now considered art. In my opinion most of it is awful. THIS, on the other hand, I love.

He put periods after each "HA" which, in my opinion, lessens the power of each HA. This graffiti tells a story too. Some guy was hurt by some gal, and now the gal is having who-knows-what-kind-of-trouble, and the guy is so ecstatic about it, he forgets to check his spelling. More than anything else he wants her to know she is worse off without him. For him to still be checking up on her and learning the news of her latest trouble means he still secretly cares for her. I suspect he'd probably take her back if she was willing. I wonder if he had tears in his eyes when he wrote this.


  1. Slout!

    The ultimate insult!!

    The periods behind each HA. make this message even more powerful, and more manic in my view.

    Perhaps he was so mad he "invented " a word to describe his true loathing.

    Maybe in was writing in an accent of some sort!


    More likely his brain was foaming with rage, and self editing often leaves us at times this like these.

    I once wrote a note in anger and frustration at work saying "I quite", when clearly i meant to write " i quit!".

    I still get teased about this.

    Thanks for posting this slice of life!

  2. ha ha! you could be right about the anger thing. I like "I quite!" that's funny!

  3. I've seen writers use periods after each word before. It's used for emphasis, to show that the speaker is barely able to spit out the words through his seething hatred, as in, "This. Ends. Now!"

    I doubt this guy knew that though. He's just a moron.

  4. I've seen that too. I think yer right, though.

  5. oh man i wish you had a picture of the culprit to go along with his wonderful graffiti


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