Sunday, October 25, 2009


It's a lazy Sunday afternoon; therefore I shall be lazy. All I have is this gizmo for his chest. On the big version I used a toy boat. Since I can't buy a toy boat this scale I had to make it out of wood.
I also glued the caps onto his hips so his legs stay on. No glue touched the leg, just the cap, so they can rotate freely.

I sanded a flat spot on his chest (see above pic) so this flat-backed boat would glue down firmly. In this picture you can also see I trimmed the excess from the hip pins so they are flush with the caps.
Yikes! Look at my scuffed up living room furniture! At this point it seems silly to try to protect it with a mat or newspaper. The reason I've been working on it in the living room is so I can watch old monster movies on tv while I tinker.


  1. Keith: Scary good. I'm dying to see the finished product. Today's Monday, so no slouching. You sure are doing a number on that table top. Dude, you must be single! But then, hey, you were watching old monster movies! Who wouldn't understand that? - Mykal

  2. Mykal, Thanks for the visit! I think my wife is gonna render me single if I do much more damage to the desk. I need to find out how much damage is too much so I can stop right before I get to that point. hehe!

  3. Keith: I thought I remembered you mentioning you were married at some point - My compliments to your wife on being so understanding! Good deal. - Mykal

  4. Mykal, your print went to the post office today. I'm not sure how long it will take to deliver but I guess you should start looking for it around Thursday.


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