Sunday, October 11, 2009


My dog hates anything on her head. Weird huh? After I put it on her she moped and acted insulted and embarrassed, like it was an apparatus designed to humiliate. When I looked away, only for a moment, it was torn to tiny pieces. I at least got a few photos of it before it was gone.


  1. lucy looks cute! i doubt ralphie would tolerate it much either.

    we still have 3 cats...maybe you should take them and see if they like it???

  2. And you had the nerve to post this? I admire Weiner Dog's amazing ability to retain her dignity in the face of such purposeful humilation. Clearly, the bed in which you sleep must be too high for her to reach or else your ass would have been chomped in slumber.

  3. ha ha! that made me laugh
    Thanks Mykal!


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