Thursday, October 22, 2009


Day 2 of the mini-Questor project:

These are the legs. I made them with an X-Acto knife, a drill, and various diameter dowels. If you are careful and don't get in a hurry you can slice out a sliver at a time without breaking anything.

This is the hip piece. It will be glued into the body, and the legs will attach to it. I made it by VEEERRRRRRY carefully drilling into the center of the horizontal dowel and gluing a vertical dowel in it. Also I drilled into the ends and put smaller dowels in those holes.

The black plastic piece is from a car air freshener I bought at the dollar store. It was shaped like a roulette wheel. I only needed the middle part. It will be used as the Saturn ring around mini-Questor's neck. The dowel piece is his neck. I had to drill a hole in the the end and glue in a smaller dowel to match the hole diameter in the plastic piece.

The neck dowel slides into the plastic ring like this:

I notched out a groove in the plastic ring so it and the bubblegum machine container will fit together.

Those small donut-like pieces are caps to hold the legs onto the hips. They are pieces of dowels with holes in their centers.

More tomorrow


  1. i am enjoying watching the progress of this mini-bot! you are just too talented, really.

  2. Brad and MMM! Thanks for visiting!


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