Monday, October 26, 2009


Howdy! This is part-6 of a Who-Knows-How-Many-Parts series where I am making a miniature robot to match a larger version called Questor. This robot will have joints in his arms and legs so I can animate him in a film. Either animate him or control him like a marionette. Also his head will need to turn.

This picture shows the jetpack for his back. It's not easy to carve a piece this small without fileting my fingers. When it happens it's usually due to my laziness. If I wanted to go to all the trouble I could glue newspaper to a board and let that dry, then put a dot of glue on this jetpack and glue it to the newspaper and then let that dry, and then carve it on the board, and then pop the carving off the newspaper board and sand off the glue, but who wants to do all that?! It's quicker to just hold on to it and try to aim away from your hand when you carve into it. Usually it works okay. It only takes a few accidents to learn not to aim a sharp blade at yourself.

One time I was reaching for a chisel and I didn't see another chisel in the way, and cut my ring finger on the side, a little above where a ring would go. It cut a nerve and half of my finger stayed numb for 10 or more years. I didn't notice the feeling coming back into it month by month, but year by year I could tell it was getting better. Now it's fine.

Here's a front view of mini-Questor's chest. Besides the boat, everything is made from drilling holes and gluing in dowels. Even though the real version has gears on his chest I think it's small enough no one will notice if I don't put teeth on these dowels.

Back view. It's not exactly the same, but with paint I think it'll be okay.

Speaking of paint, he's almost ready it. I need to glue his hips and arms into his body and that's about it. Oh, he will also need an antenna. And then THAT'S about it.


  1. wow it is coming along great! looking forward to seeing the finished piece!


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