Saturday, October 24, 2009


My robot child is in about the 4th trimester of his conceivement. Normally trimesters don't last this long but he's problem child.

I drew a hand on a chunk of wood and cut it out on the bandsaw. The hands were thin enough I only had to cut 1 hand and then slice it on edge to make 2 hands. Also I epoxied the arms into the shoulder pieces. This photo shows the hands before I smoothed them up with chisels and sand paper.

There's a hole in each side of the body. That's where the shoulders will be glued in place. The free-spinning larger ring (see last post) will be the only part that gets glued into the body. The hole is deep enough so the cap on the end won't touch anything and the arm will rotate.

I went ahead and glued his shoulder plates onto his body so I could see if I needed to do any adjusting on the arms before there were glued in.

Now his feet are glued on and I glued pins in his knees, so his legs are complete.

This is a hip/leg dry fit. You can see the pins in the hips are extra long. After I glue the caps on I will trim off the excess. It's better to have too much than not enough. It's finally starting to look like something now.

Tomorrow I'll work on his robotic chest gizmos.


  1. You are a maniac!!

    But in a good way.....i'm in awe of all that you do. Where do you find the time?

    Looking forward to seeing the final version.

  2. Thanks Willy! I don't have a lot of free time. I just do this instead of mowing grass and doing laundry and that sort of thing. You know, bath time and what-not!


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