Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Robot construction continues.

His arms were glued into his body. Also I drilled some holes in his chest for wires to be attached.

His hips were glued into his body.

His head is temporarily resting in place to check the fit. I can't glue his helmet bubble to the neck ring until I paint his head. After his head is painted I'll give him an antenna.

After seeing him put together I noticed his arms were too long. I considered just leaving it but every time I looked at it, I couldn't NOT notice it. They were supposed to stop at the bottoms of his knees but they went down in a gorilla fashion almost to his feet. In this pic you can't tell so much because his elbows are bent. When they are straight he nearly drags his knuckles.

I cut his forearms in half and removed a chunk so they were the right size. Then I drilled a toothpick-sized hole in each of the 2 halves and glued them back together with a shortened toothpick.

Ahh... That's better.


  1. he looks good. looks like you've made some new gouges on the desk too. mei will be so pleased! ;)

    have a good week. ( will you be home on halloween? we will bring the kids by if so)

  2. Thanks Karen. maybe i can rub some polish on those scratches and color them darker. I believe

    Darn! I'll be in Louisville on Saturday. Mei will be there for a while. You could call her and see if she's home if you are near us.


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