Sunday, October 18, 2009


I worked on this a while back, at the same time I did this one, but it's been backgroundless until now. Happy Halloween.
I wondered if it was too colorful to be spooky so I tried it in sepia tone.
And also in black and white.
Of the three I think I like the sepia tone version the best. I guess. It mostly depends on what it would be used for. If I were wanting it to look like an old movie poster, the color version would be out for sure.

I think the sepia and black and white versions might need a little tweaking so the monster's head isn't as close to the background color. The implied shape is there, but a little shadowing at the edge of the forehead would be a good idea.


  1. KW: Love this - particularily the delicate grip he's got on the skull gearshift. Very cool. You know, I have been showing my Pukey Pal cards around (folks see them on my bookshelf at work at keep asking about them). Everyone thinks they're cool. Popular favorite is "Snake Zombies" although I have to admit I may prejudice the jury.

    Thanks for following my new blog. I was about to shoot you an email, thinking you might like it. -- Mykal

  2. classic! i like the color version the most.

  3. I put in a vote for the sepia. great painting, i love the car!

  4. Mykal, thanks for the nice stuff you said. I'm happy you like those trading cards; thanks for ordering a set! I like old kid comics same as you.

    Professor, Thanks for visiting and thanks for the kind words.

    Brad, I like that one too. Thanks for backing me up!


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