Monday, October 12, 2009


When you draw over black ink with a green highlighter marker, the tip gets all dirty. Sometimes if I care enough about it, I'll wipe the highlighter tip on some paper to clean it off. This particular green wipe-off smudge looked almost like it could be something. I added doodads to the smudge, and TADA! An illustration not much better than a smudge. Oh well.


  1. haha! i like him, his expression is great - so is his name

  2. FYI: I am using the new smudgeless Hi-Liters by Sharpie. Should be available everywhere. They really do not smudge nor pick up ink from drawings or inkjet printers. Trade name is "Sharpie Accent Highlighter (Smear guard)". I got a four pack with yellow, orange, red and blue. Try them out.
    Of course that's the end of nifty smudge drawings like yours.

  3. Brad thanks!

    Anonymous, Thanks for the tip. I'll try some of those.


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