Wednesday, October 21, 2009


As a part of a larger movie project I'd like to do, I need a scaled-down version of my Questor robot. He needs to fit inside the UFO I made a while back. Also he needs to be articulated so he can move around and do things.

To start, I got a small bubblegum prize container for the helmet. I scaled photos of the Questor robot so when I printed it, the helmet was the same size as the bubblegum prize container.

The main base to which all things connect on this mini robot will be his chest, so that's what I started with. I carved a piece of mahogany to match the size of my printed Questor pic.

Next I carved some shoulder pieces going off the print for the right scale. I scooped out the insides with that round U-shaped chisel you see in the photo.

To firmly attach the shoulder pieces to the body, the connecting contours need to tightly match each other. The best sanding block I could use to match the body contour is the body itself. I wrapped a piece of sand paper around the body, and then . . .

. . . Holding the sand paper in place, I sanded the joining edge of the shoulder pieces until they snugged up against the body.

After removing the sand paper the shoulder pieces match up very nicely.

That's it for Day 1. Robot creation continues tomorrow.


  1. I demand you make him a little bro too. heh!

    Thanks for showing us your process.

  2. Ha! Thanks for visiting, Kristen!


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